Monthly Presentations

The Central Oregon Geoscience Society holds regularly scheduled monthly presentations on the 4th Tuesday of each month, from September to November, and from January to May. All presentations are free and open to the public.

We are currently not meeting in person, all of the presentations listed below will be given through Zoom until further notice. Zoom presentations are recorded whenever possible, please see the list of past presentations to watch recordings of past talks.

Visiting Scholar Presentations

Visiting Scholar presentations are scheduled during various times outside the regular monthly meeting schedule. Please check the schedule below for updates, or join the COGS email list for updates. To join the email list, go to the Join us page.

Upcoming Presentations

No events available

Past Presentations

28 Jun 2022 Volcanoes! Travelogue and Science of Two Volcanic Arcs
24 May 2022 Encountering the Unexpected in Pacific Northwest Geology
26 Apr 2022 When Magmas Meet High-Tech Metals: What Can the Mountain Pass Rare Earth Element Deposit Bring to the Future?
22 Mar 2022 Newberry Volcano Geothermal Projects, Past and Future
22 Feb 2022 From maar craters to cinder cones: Understanding Oregon's small, but most common, volcanoes
25 Jan 2022 Wildfire and Debris Flows
23 Nov 2021 Tectonic evolution of the Cascadia margin in southwest Oregon during the past 55 million years
26 Oct 2021 Evaluation of slip history and Holocene activity on faults in the Strawberry Mountains
28 Sep 2021 Timing and controls on growth of the Oregon Basin and Range Province
25 May 2021 I Date Rocks: A Geochronology Love Story
27 Apr 2021 Water in the Deschutes Basin: 2020 Hindsight – What Happened?
23 Mar 2021 The fragmented death of the Farallon Plate
23 Feb 2021 Our Vanishing Glaciers, Part II
26 Jan 2021 The Next Great Cascadia Earthquake - How did we get here?
24 Nov 2020 What lies under recently active Cascades volcanoes?
27 Oct 2020 Mapping the Magmatic Pathways Beneath Volcanoes from Newberry, Oregon to Santorini, Greece
22 Sep 2020 Red Rocks from Earth to Mars
25 Jun 2020 Extinction: Using catastrophic events to construct the geologic timeline
26 May 2020 The history and science of glacier change in the western US and a peek into their future
28 Apr 2020 Volcanoes in Our Backyard: Understanding and Mitigating Volcano Hazards in Central Oregon
24 Mar 2020 I Date Rocks: A Geochronology Love Story
25 Feb 2020 Mountains, Earthquakes, and Landslides: Using Lasers to Peer Behind Cascadia's Green Veil
28 Jan 2020 Three Newly Discovered Fault Systems in Oregon
26 Nov 2019 Oregon's Checkered Past
22 Oct 2019 The Other Flood: Ice-age Bonneville Flood on the Snake River
24 Sep 2019 Tectonic History of the Coos Bay Basin and its Relationship to Pacific Northwest ‘Siletzia’ Tectonics
10 Aug 2019 Newberry Volcano: A sleeping giant with two bubbling lakes
28 May 2019 Holocene Glacial and Paleoclimate Reconstructions in the North Cascades, Washington
23 Apr 2019 A new look at “old” tuffs from Newberry Volcano: Evidence for dynamic magmatic processes at a geologic crossroads in central Oregon
26 Mar 2019 Kīlauea's 2018 Fissure Eruption – Chronology, Processes, and Impacts of Kilauea's Largest Eruption in 200 Years
26 Feb 2019 Mountains, Earthquakes, and Landslides: Using Lasers to Peer Behind Cascadia's Green Veil
22 Jan 2019 The High Lava Plains of Oregon: Volcanic and Tectonic Connection between Yellowstone and the Cascades
27 Nov 2018 Groundwater hydrology and groundwater-dependent ecosystems of central Oregon
23 Oct 2018 The Crooked River Caldera
25 Sep 2018 Assembling the Northwest: A roadside view of Oregon and Washington geology
16 Jul 2018 Oregon's volcanoes: What have we learned from global advances in volcanology over the past decade?
22 May 2018 Oblique subduction, rotating crustal blocks, and the active tectonics of the Pacific Northwest
24 Apr 2018 Mount Hood: Confessions of an interesting Boring volcano
27 Mar 2018 Geothermal Exploration at Newberry Volcano

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