From maar craters to cinder cones: Understanding Oregon's small, but most common, volcanoes

  • 22 Feb 2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • Online

Emily Johnson

U.S. Geological Survey

"Monogenetic" volcanoes – small volume volcanoes like cinder cones that typically erupt only once – are the most common volcano type on Earth, and in Oregon. In this talk, Dr. Emily Johnson (USGS) will provide an overview of eruptions from these volcanoes, and how we can use the characteristics and chemistry of their deposits to learn about what drives these eruptions and the hazards they present. The talk will focus on one of the youngest monogenetic volcanoes in Oregon: Blue Lake crater.

Central Oregon Geoscience Society

P.O. Box 2154,  Bend, Oregon 97709

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