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COGS offers a variety of field trips led by experts on Oregon's geology.


Informal hikes, bike rides, and other explorations of geologically interesting sites.

To participate in field trips and geo-explorations:

  • You must be a member of COGS, or a guest of a member, to participate in field trips and geo-explorations.
  • You must sign the COGS field trip and geo-exploration waiver.
  • Please arrive at the meeting location 5-10 minutes early to get signed in.
  • Check the weather report and plan accordingly. Remember that weather conditions can change quickly in central Oregon! Dress in layers and wear sturdy hiking shoes.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks, pack a lunch if specified in the field trip description.
  • Please leave your pets at home – dogs are not allowed on COGS field trips. 

    COGS Field Trip & Geo-Exploration Waiver

    Upcoming Field Trips

      • 5 Jun 2024
      • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
      • Prineville, OR
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       Gary Halvorson, Oregon Historical Archive                                                             United States Forest Service

       Wildcat Mountain Caldera Field Trip

      Led by Carrie Gordon & Derek Loeb

      June 5, 8:30 AM - 3 PM

      Carrie Gordon and Derek Loeb will lead a field trip to look at a couple of features of the 40 million year old Wildcat Mountain Caldera. The field trip will begin in Prineville, travel northeast up  Mill Creek to Brennan Palisades.   We will then explore the Stein's Pillar trail.

      Pre-field trip information: “Field Trip Guide to the middle Eocene Wildcat Mountain Caldera, Ochoco National Forest, Crook County, Oregon”.

      Initial meetup location will be in Prineville.  A location to meet for ride sharing or caravaning from Bend will be arranged.  Per COGS policy, ridesharing is completely voluntary but it is encouraged because of limited parking at some of the stops. Please contact Derek Loeb at with questions?

      Please note that this event is limited to 18 participants and registration must be done via the registration button on the trip listing on the COGS website.  Successful registration will be confirmed on the webpage by a light green box indicating registration was successful and by a confirmation email.  If you don't get this email you should try the registration process again.

    Past Field Trips

    19 Mar 2024 Second Session Added: Hydromagmatic Pinnacles of the Steelhead Falls Area Geo-Exploration
    14 Mar 2024 Hydromagmatic Pinnacles of the Steelhead Falls Area Geo-Exploration
    12 Nov 2023 Second Sesson Added: Fryrear Canyon Geo-Exploration II
    5 Nov 2023 Fryrear Canyon Geo-Exploration
    22 Sep 2023 Henkle Butte & Aspen Hollow Geo-Exploration
    22 Aug 2023 Tour Deschutes (River) Geohydrology Field Trip
    23 Jul 2023 Deschutes Formation Field Trip
    24 Jun 2023 Geohydrology of Siver Creek Field Trip, Harney Basin
    9 Jun 2023 Columbia Gorge Field Trip
    24 May 2023 Smith Rock Geo-Exploration
    26 Apr 2023 Session 2: Riley Ranch Field Trip
    21 Apr 2023 Riley Ranch Field Trip
    31 Mar 2023 Session 2: COGS Geo-Exploration: Barnes Butte, Prineville, OR
    31 Mar 2023 COGS Geo-Exploration: Barnes Butte, Prineville, OR
    12 Mar 2023 Steelhead Falls Geo-Exploration - Session 2
    11 Mar 2023 Steelhead Falls Geo-Exploration
    26 Oct 2022 Mafic Volcanism!
    30 Sep 2022 Thomas Condon Paleontology Center tour and field work experience
    17 Sep 2022 Deschutes Formation and Tumalo Volcanic Center Field Trip
    24 Aug 2022 Melting Glaciers, Failing Dams: The 1966 Debris Flow from No Name Lake Field Trip
    5 Aug 2022 Faults in the Strawberry Mountains
    1 Aug 2022 Whychus Creek Geo-Exploration
    26 Jun 2022 Lava Cast Forest Field Trip
    4 May 2022 COGS Geo-Exploration: Gray Butte
    7 Apr 2022 COGS Geo-Exploration: Barnes Butte, Prineville, OR
    3 Dec 2021 COGS Geo-Exploration: Farewell Bend Loop
    1 Dec 2021 COGS Geo-Exploration: Flatiron Rock in the Oregon Badlands
    6 Aug 2021 Ochoco Mining District Field Trip by Carrie Gordon & Derek Loeb
    28 Jul 2021 Deschutes River Geohydrology Field Trip
    27 Jun 2021 COGS Field Trip: Fault Scarps of Mt. Hood (south side)
    27 Mar 2020 Monthly Tours of the OSU-Cascades Pumice Mine
    4 Oct 2019 Deschutes River Field Trip
    14 Sep 2019 Mount Hood Field Trip
    22 Jul 2019 Newberry Volcano Field Trip
    13 Jul 2019 Wildcat Mountain Caldera Field Trip
    28 Jun 2019 Fire and Water: Recent mafic volcanism of the central Oregon Cascades
    16 May 2019 Geology of the Scout Camp loop trail along the middle Deschutes River
    27 Apr 2019 Geology of Shevlin Park
    3 Nov 2018 Hydrovolcanoes of Central Oregon Field Trip
    23 Oct 2018 Crooked River Caldera Field Trip
    23 Sep 2018 Mount Bachelor Volcanic Chain Field Trip
    14 Sep 2018 Clarno Fossil Beds Field Trip
    5 Aug 2018 Glacial Geomorphology of the Santiam Pass Area Field Trip
    14 Jul 2018 Lava Butte and Lava Lands Visitor Center
    10 May 2018 Deschutes Formation, Whychus Creek Geologic Field Trip
    1 Apr 2018 Geology of Riley Ranch Nature Reserve Field Trip

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