COGS is a Central Oregon-based non-profit organization promoting a greater awareness and understanding of the geological sciences through technical presentations, educational outreach to schools, and field trips

Presentations resume in September

Field Trips

Ochoco Mining District Field Trip - Friday Aug. 6, 2021

Join Carrie Gordon and Derek Loeb as we explore the history, geology and environmental legacy of the Mother Lode and Blue Ridge mine sites in the Ochoco Mountains.  An overview of the following topics will be discussed:

  •  History of mining in the area including economic drivers
  •  Geologic setting and mineralization process
  •  Surviving infrastructure and the mining and processing operations
  •  Environmental legacy including remediation and reclamation

 Further details on Field Trips page

COGS Geo-Exploration Meetup

COGS is pleased to announce the formation of a COGS Meetup group to offer COGS members a variety of informal events including geo-explorations, hikes and bike rides to geologically interesting sites, lunch-and-learn events, and online chats. In order to join the COGS Meetup, you can either search "Central Oregon Geosciences Society Meetup" or go to the following link:

On the COGS Meetup site, you will find a red button stating "join this group". Once you have joined the group, you will start receiving notices of COGS Meetup events.

Geoscience Events & Activities by Others

Friday August 20th Zoom Lecture

Clark Niewendorp

The Oregon Gold Rush

In the four years after the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, California in 1848 and the wind down of the stampede of the 49ers, the word was out. Two prospectors made a strike of gold in Rich Gulch just north of Jacksonville, Oregon. Soon the rush was on to southern Oregon for thousands of would-be dreamers (prospectors), including schemers and other hopeful emigrants. That wasn’t the last cry of “Gold!” heard from Oregon. In the 1860s, rich strikes were made in eastern Oregon along with western Idaho.

GSOC President Clark Niewendorp's talk will provide a glimpse into when and where gold discoveries were made in Oregon. This glimpse also covers the social consequences of the gold rush, evolution of mining technology, and some of the important mines that produced the gold.