COGS is a Central Oregon-based non-profit organization promoting a greater awareness and understanding of the geological sciences through technical presentations, educational outreach to schools, and field trips

October 15th

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Tuesday, October 27th - Online Zoom Presentation

Emilie Hooft, University of Oregon

Mapping the Magmatic Pathways Beneath Volcanoes from Newberry, Oregon to Santorini, Greece

What does the plumbing system beneath a volcano look like? Is it a big vat of magma? Or a long column? Or many layers of magma sills? It used to be that people thought there were big magma chambers under volcanoes, but it turns out they are often quite small and we do not yet know how magma plumbing systems are structured. In this talk, UO Earth Science Professor Emilie Hooft will describe how she uses seismic imaging to map the deep system of pathways that transport magma to the earth’s surface. Her cutting-edge research uses measurements from hundreds of seismic sensors to find differences in the rate at which sound passes through rocks, and is like making a CAT scan of a volcano. From a societal and hazards point of view, this gives us a better idea of what’s underground and how to predict what might happen when the volcano becomes restless. Additionally, this research helps scientists better understand how the earth functions, how big magma systems assemble themselves, and how they reset and regrow after major volcanic episodes.

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COGS Logo Contest

The winner will receive a volcano pint glass or tumbler of their choice, a 1-year COGS membership, and acknowledgement at COGS meetings and on the website.


Consider scalability and functionality across a variety of uses (media, swag, etc.)
The contest is open to everyone and multiple designs can be submitted.
Designs should be easily recognizable as a COGS logo.
Designs should be representative of central Oregon geology or geologic features.
All artwork must be original and not contain any copyrighted material.

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The GOGS board will select the final design by October 30, 2020. The board reserves the right to not select a winner or to extend the open period for submission .

In accordance with the continuing evolution of Governor Brown's executive orders, we have suspended field trips through 2020. 

Geoscience Events & Activities by Others

October 11-17

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Virtual Lecture: Cascadia: The Next Big Earthquake and Tsunami by Dr. Daniele McKay

October 20 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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The recently founded Oregon Glaciers Institute (OGI) is monitoring changes in Oregon’s endangered glaciers with the goal of projecting their viability. 

Upcoming Event: Funeral for Clark Glacier on South Sister - Sunday October 18th

OGI is looking for pre-2010 photos of Oregon Glaciers - click HERE for details

Oregon Lakes Fall Conference
Wednesday October 28th
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Friday November 13th Zoom Lecture

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Virtual Field Trips 

Hal Wershow, Central Oregon Community College, has created three Virtual Geology Field trips as part of his Cascades Volcanoes Class at COCC and is sharing them with COGS

Fort Rock Virtual Field Trip

Scout Camp Trail Field Trip

McKenzie Pass