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Tuesday, January 26th - Online Zoom Presentation

                          6:45PM "doors" open  <->  7:00PM presentation

Chris Goldfinger
, Oregon State University

Subduction zone earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

 Join COGS and Chris Goldfinger on the 321-year anniversary of the last Cascadia earthquake (January 26, 1700). Chris leads the Active Tectonics Lab at Oregon State University and is a leading expert on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. In this anniversary presentation he will discuss ongoing research examining large subduction zone earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.

OPB article: The Big One, Times 2: Research Shows Cascadia Quakes Sometimes Trigger San Andreas Fault 

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In accordance with the continuing evolution of Governor Brown's executive orders, we have suspended field trips through 2020. 

Geoscience Events & Activities by Others

Citizen Snow Observations

This project aims to achieve a better understanding of snow depth variability in mountainous regions. We are recruiting community-based observers (citizen scientists), including backcountry professionals and recreationists, to help gather snow observations.

The snowpack data gathered by citizen scientists is being used to help us better interpret satellite and airborne snow measurements collected by NASA and other agencies. We are also using these datasets to create better water runoff models. Predicting and understanding variability in water runoff is important due to effects on snow avalanche hazards, water resources, ecology, tourism, and the impacts of a changing climate.