Was the 1700 Cascadia earthquake one or many ruptures?

  • 24 Sep 2024
  • 5:30 PM
  • Online and in-person at Bridge 99 Brewery

Diego Melgar

University of Oregon

5:30 pm social hour

7:00 pm presentation

In this presentation we’ll explore a major question about the 1700 Cascadia earthquake: Was it one big earthquake, or a series of smaller ones happening close together in time? Understanding this is crucial for forecasting future earthquakes and tsunamis in the Cascadia region. Here we’ll use computer models to examine the different possibilities, using extensive historical earthquake data to rule specific scenarios as likely or not. In the end, we’ll conclude that we can't be certain if the 1700 earthquake was a single event and that the possibility that it was a sequence of earthquakes needs to be considered as equally likely.

Please join us at Bridge 99 Brewery:

63063 Layton Avenue, Bend

5:30 pm social hour

7:00 pm presentation

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