Mafic Volcanism!

  • 26 Oct 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 14


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Mafic Volcanism! An exploration of recent volcanic activity in central Oregon

Trip Leader: Daniele McKay


Field trip guide modified from Deligne and others, 2017

Mafic volcanism is the most common type of volcanic activity on Earth. In central Oregon there are hundreds of geologically young mafic vents that have produced cinder cones, extensive lava flows, and tephra deposits. On this field trip, we will  explore the wide range of eruption styles produced by mafic volcanism and look at how this type of volcanic activity has shaped the landscapes of central Oregon.

We will also discuss some of the hazards associated with mafic volcanic activity. Past eruptions have altered the flows of rivers and streams and covered vast swaths of land in lava flows. Future activity poses a range of hazards, including forest fires, disruption of water supplies, and damage to infrastructure, agriculture, and tourism.

Field trip stops will include various locations in the Bend and Sunriver area, and locations along Cascade Lakes Hwy (fire operations and road closures permitting).

The field trip will also include several stops for collecting rock samples that will be used for earth science teaching kits. COGS will assemble the rock kits and make them available for all K-12 teachers in central Oregon.

For a review of volcanic products and processes and a crash course in mafic volcanism, visit How Volcanoes Work. This website was created by Dr. Vic Camp, Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University.

This field trip is appropriate for all levels of geologic background, and all physical abilities. Total walking distance will be about one mile on generally flat trails. Several field trip stops will require a Northwest Forest Pass or an equivalent public lands pass. Dress accordingly for changing weather at high elevations and bring a packed lunch, snacks, and water. We love your pets, but they are not permitted on COGS field trips.

There will be a meetup location for optional carpooling. If you would like to carpool, please bring a face mask and respect the wishes of the driver concerning mask wearing.

All field trip participants must be a member of COGS or a guest of a member and agree to the COGS liability waiver, which requires self-certification of covid vaccination and boosters.

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