Faults in the Strawberry Mountains

  • 5 Aug 2022
  • 7 Aug 2022

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Strawberry Mountains Faults Field Trip (rescheduled)

August 5-7, 2022

Field trip leader and guide: Andrew Dunning, Portland State University Master’s Candidate.

In this three-day trip, participants will get to see firsthand Andrew’s master’s thesis work in evaluating an active fault system in the Strawberry Mountains, which was first identified in a LiDAR survey several years ago. On the way to Strawberry USFS Campground, Andrew will take the group to stops in the Mitchell to John Day area, pointing out tectonic activity in the region that will add a new wrinkle (no pun intended!) to our picture of the stratigraphy in the area. At the end of the first day, campers will scout out the USFS first come, first served campsites along Strawberry Creek, and the tenderfeet can reserve rooms (for 2 nights) in the accommodations to be found in nearby Prairie City.

Day 2 will involve a moderate amount of hiking to the sites of the fault research and a return to the same accommodations. Participants will get to do some auger coring and other fun activities to see what it’s like to research earthquake faults! Andrew will also point out some major features in the Strawberry Mountains, an interesting area that GSOC doesn’t get to very often. And even if it’s 115 degrees in Portland, it’s not likely to be too hot at the 5500-to-7000-foot elevations on this hike.

Day 3 the group will pack up and head back to western Oregon and see some more interesting features on the way!


The longest hike will be to the paleoseismology site up Onion Creek where we’ll do a couple auger cores. That hike is all on-trail and is 1.3 miles with 1045 feet of elevation gain. It’s steep and sunny, but we’ll have basically the whole day to do it so we can take all the time in the world. The other hike, up to Strawberry Lake, is relatively easy and well-trodden at 1.5 miles with 500 feet of gain. It is shaded the whole way.  There will be optional extensions to both. The Onion Creek trail may be difficult for people with cardio/mobility troubles, but the Strawberry Lake trail is nearly all-ability accessible. 


This trip will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Participants must be GSOC members or COGS members and their guests. This trip will be registered on a first come, first served basis. Registration for general membership will begin on Saturday, June 11, 2022.


The basic trip fee of $65 will cover the cost of the field guide and help Andrew fund his research project. If you are registered and must cancel your reservation, please do so on or before Wednesday, July 27, 2022, and GSOC will give you a full refund. Cancellations after July 27 will be refunded only if a paid replacement registers for the canceled spot (and guest, if any). All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver at the meeting area for the trip. Participants will be required to fully pay all fees prior to July 27.


Participants shall provide their own food, lodging, transportation, USFS forest passes and hiking gear. Bug deterrent and sunblock are advised, as well as sturdy hiking boots, walking sticks and clothing layers. It could be hot or cold that weekend in the Strawberries (or both). Participants should also bring water containers and keep track of where they can fill these up. Transportation will be car caravan and carpooling from Portland will be assisted by the organizers.

COVID-19: It is anticipated that masking requirements will no longer be in force by the date of this trip. However, participants will be encouraged to have been vaccinated and with booster shots as recommended for their level of risk. Should the situation change, we may require participants to wear masks in groups or any other measures to reduce risks.


For questions about the trip, email Andrew Dunning at andrewjdunning@gmail.com or Carol Hasenberg at csh727@comcast.net.


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