Central Oregon Geoscience Society
P.O. Box 2154
Bend, Oregon 97709

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of COGS are elected annually by the membership for 3-year terms and consist of between 5 and 11 directors.The Board then elects officers.

           Name                                      Officer                         Committee Chair                       Term expires

Daniele McKay                       President                          Presentation                                  2020

Derek Loeb                           Vice-President                   Field Trips                                      2021

John Stockham                      Secretary                                                                                   2020

Fred Tanis                                 Treasurer                                                                                 2020

Inge Fryklund                                                                                                                         2023

Steve Goldberg                                                                                                                           2023

George Lemagie                                                                Education                                       2021

Scott Robinson                                                                  Membership                                  2021

      Robert Timmer                                                                  Communications                          2023     

Where your Dues Go

Deschutes Geology Club
...a bit of history provided by Bob Jensen.

In early 1934, a Civil Works Administration class in geology was held in Bend. On May 14, 1934, many of those who had been in the class met to form a local geology club and officers were elected. At the next meeting, the matter of selecting a name for the club came up and, due to the prominent part the river through Bend has had in local history, the name Deschutes Geology Club was chosen. The first field trip of the club was on May 20, 1934, into the Pony Butte area of Jefferson County. Through the years many trips were taken including Crater Lake (1936), Lake Abert (1950), Painted Hills (1950), and Lava Butte (1961). In addition the club also hosted other geology groups, such as the Geological Society Oregon Country, while they were in the area. Also for at least three years beginning in 1957 the club sponsored the Central Oregon Gem and Mineral Show as part of the Mirror Pond Pageant on the 4th of July. Many club members were “rockhounds” but also interested in how the landscape was formed.

Club meetings always included a program which ranged from a presentation by a club member to a visiting scientist, such as Norman Peterson of DOGAMI who did a slide show to illustrate his "High Lava Plains" story. Meetings were advertised and open to the public. A search for “Deschutes Geology Club” will turn up a variety of articles about club activities.