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COGS is a Central Oregon-based non-profit organization promoting a greater awareness and understanding of the geological sciences through technical presentations, educational outreach to schools, and field trips

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Tuesday, January 22
Anita Grunder, Oregon State University
The High Lava Plains of Oregon: Volcanic and Tectonic Connection between Yellowstone and the Cascades

The High Lava Plains is an enigmatic province between the hot-spot related Steens Basalts and the subduction-related Cascades. Dr. Grunder will explore the implications of the westward age progression of rhyolites and the effect of protracted magmatism on the composition of the volcanic rocks and the crust.

Tuesday, February 26
Josh Roering, University of Oregon
Mountains, Earthquakes, and Landslides: Using Lasers to Peer Behind
Cascadia's Green Veil

Tuesday, March 26
Allan Lerner, University of Oregon
Summary of the 2018 Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Tuesday, April 23
Jeff Templeton, Western Oregon University
Newberry Volcano: Evaluating the Influence of Cascadia Subduction and the High Lava Plains on Magmatism at a Geologic Crossroads in Central Oregon

Tuesday, May 28
Hal Wershow, Central Oregon Community College
Holocene Glacial and Paleoclimate Reconstructions in the North Cascades, Washington

Tuesday, September 24
William Lingley
Energy Resources of Coastal Washington

Tuesday, October 22
Jim O'Connor, U.S. Geological Survey
The Other Flood: Ice-age Bonneville Flood on the Snake River

Tuesday, November 26
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